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​What is a Story Coach?


A Story Coach helps a writer create a powerful story that resonates with readers. Many writers believe they have it all figured out the second they come up with their #1 Bestseller! However, writing a book takes more than coming up with an idea, and writing the story from A to Z; it actually takes planning, mapping out, thought, Story flow, a perfect Story arc, etc. You want your readers to enjoy the characters by loving them, hating them, and understanding them. You also don’t want them to figure out the plot so mapping out your story with loops, twists and turns will keep your readers wanting more. All of this takes skill. You need your readers to connect to your story so they become a fan of your work.


Hiring a Story Coach I will take your idea and help develop it beyond what you thought you wanted to take the story. I will stretch your idea and move you along the process until you complete the book. 


My goal for you is to help you tell a powerful story so that your voice is heard and your books will sell!



About the Coach



The Start. The Failure. The Success.

We fail. It's life. But do we have to stay there? Not at all! My journey towards becoming an author wasn't about luck or passion, it was all about faith, prayer...




So you want to write a book?

Have a manuscript but need it published?

Need a ghost writer? 

Is formatting an issue?

Sunnywill Media will help you get your...

Clients & Testimonials



"Chantay made a dream into reality regarding publishing my first book. Working with her was easy, informational, informative,relaxing, enjoyable, an overall experience. She is very savvy, resourceful, and energetic. Working with Chantay...


"Chantay is an author jewel. My husband and I struggled for four years on where to begin in telling our story in a book. She was our book/author guardian angel who provided insight and resources that fit our busy schedule as business owners. Chantay introduced us to the world of ghost writing and what took us four years to try and do on our own, took her less than a year. She was able to connect us with a woman who was the key in successfully completing our first book. We thank Chantay for her expertise, her patience, and professionalism throughout the process."

- Clint and DeAnna Lewis

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