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My Journey

The Start. The Failure. The Success.

We fail. It's life. But do we have to stay there? Not at all!

My journey towards becoming an author wasn't about luck or passion, it was all about faith, prayer, and effort. That simple. I work in television, but specifically as a television producer, which I have done for almost 15 years. I lived, breathed, and worked passionately for this craft. In this journey, I have been nominated for 5 Daytime Emmy Nominations which I am proud of but I had no idea what was to come during this journey.

In television, you have your ups and your downs. Luckily for me, I had more ups than downs which I am grateful for. As you are moving through this industry, you will run into a road block, and my road block began in 2013. I had worked for a long running television show for 5 years, and on March 23, 2013, the show was cancelled. At the time, I felt it was a relief because months prior I had a jolt in my life where I felt that I was complacent and I was ready to shake my life up. Prior to this jolt, I never felt that need since I transitioned from working in higher education and into the television industry. My spirit was telling me that life was about to get real interesting, I just didn't know what it was at the time.

Fast forward 7 months. I was unemployed, my name wasn't spoken in any rooms, and I was lost. I couldn't work for free if I wanted to; but the interesting thing about it all is that I never fret. I felt that there was a shift and I needed to hear from HIM. This is where prayer came in. I didn't pray over getting a job or anything like that, instead, I prayed asking for my next assignment. Unbeknownst to me, I received a word from above to buy a laptop, and a Apple MacBook Pro to be exact. Now, this word that I heard was clear as day where I took my unemployment wages and purchased the notebook I was directed to buy. Thereafter, I was instructed to write a children's book, which I did, and six books later, I'm still here. I taught myself how to write a book, find illustrators, develop a book, package a book, self-publish, and market. This was far from passion, but was definitely my purpose.

My journey towards becoming an author wasn't easy, but it has been rewarding and fun. Receiving an award for your work from the Bakersfield Branch of the NAACP was amazing, but walking into an auditorium filled with children chanting your name was the icing on the cake. It was then that I decided to birth new authors. There's so many stories to be told, and so many people ready to tell it. The issue I have found during my journey is that some people lack pursuing their dream, which is where I come in. I understand that fear can stand in your way, I understand that you don't know how to structure a sentence, or find an illustrator. I understand it all which is what the story coaching and consultation is for. I will teach you how to do it all; but it's up to you to finish. If you don't get dirty and get in the trenches to write your book, how are you going to market it? Believe in yourself and become another success story.

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