Clients & Testimonials



"Chantay made a dream into reality regarding publishing my first book. Working with her was easy, informational, informative, relaxing, enjoyable, and an overall experience. She is very savvy, resourceful, and energetic. Working with Chantay, a goal will be met and conquered."

- Lamont G.


"Working with Chantay has been awesome! She is always encouraging and responsive. her patience has brought my writing skills to levels I never knew existed."

- Ryann C. Warren


"Working with Chantay Brown has been a great experience. Chantay is very helpful and detail when it comes to getting you prepared for your projects. One of the best I've worked with.                                                    


- Tamala M.




Book Design



Working with the author of "Loc Tales" was quite a challenge we were ready                                  to take on due to                                    his current                                              situation. Eric was                                  imprisoned but he                                  had a story to tell                                  and needed the                                    help to tell it. In                                      working with Eric,                                  we exchanged                                      letters, and worked                                with his friends and family to make sure the book was completed.

Eric's needs were book cover design, interior formatting, book packaging, and website design. 

Loc tales_Book cover advertising
Book Formatting



Author, and motivational speaker, Terrance Minnoy, dreamt of writing a                                    book to help                                          motivate people                                    who fight against                                    adversity.

                               In working with                                      Terrance, the                                          challenge was                                        working against the                                clock. We put his                                  deadline on the                                      calendar and worked backwards to ensure we delivered on time.

Terrance's needs were interior formatting, book packaging, and marketing materials. 

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Book Packaging



Lamont was a pleasure to work with as he's a teacher by day, and writer by                                     night. 

                              Working with                                         Lamont, he had lots                               of ideas as he had                                 many short stories.                               We decided to put                                 all the short stories                               into the book while                                 organizing which                                   ones should go                                     first, and why.

Lamont's needs were book cover design, interior formatting, and book packaging.

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