So you want to write a book?

Have a manuscript but need it published?

Need a ghost writer? 

Is formatting an issue?

Sunnywill Media will help you get your idea off ice and into the hands of others. The only trick to the game is that YOU have to do the work. Our consultation services will help provide you with answers to all of your questions and get you writing to eventually self-publish. We are not a publishing company, and we do not have relationships with publishing companies. Our job is to help you get started, self-publish your book, and start marketing and selling!


Working with clients of the past, I have learned that the most challenging thing in birthing a book, was to dedicate time. This isn't easy. I will coach you in working on your schedule to get the job done, but you as the author will have to do the work to make it a success. 

Each service below are different so check them out to see what fits your need. Just remember that the goal is to start writing and don't stop!




Consultation/ Book Coach - $75/hr



The bulk of our services are in consultation because YOU CAN DO IT!!! With this service, I will give you a "first time client" free 30 min consultation on how you're going to go from "IDEA" to having your book in your hand. Consultation/ Book coaching are important because it can range from "What size book do I need?" to "How do I find an illustrator?" to "How to get my book into schools?" The questions are unlimited with this service.

When you're ready to schedule your consultation, come with questions and use your hour wisely. My job is to hear from you, and solve the problem. 

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Book Packaging - $150



Once you have your manuscript, picture book pages, title page, and book cover (front and back) complete and designed, you will need to package your book to prepare for digital platforms and physical books. 

In packaging a book, the right tools are needed, so you need a company to take what you have and package it correctly for self-publishing. 

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Interior Book Formatting - $399



Once your book has been written, you might want to spruce the chapters up a bit. Lets face it, nobody likes to read a boring looking book. 

I will format the book adding italic, bold, title/chapter header, page numbers, font, etc. This service also comes with book packaging.


***Please make note: we are not an editing service so once the manuscript has been written by you, we do not check for grammar, we just make changes to beautify it.

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