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Our Book Coach will help you get your idea off ice and into the hands of others. The only trick to the game is that YOU have to do the work. Our consultation services will help provide you with answers to all of your questions and get you writing to complete your manuscript. The goal of a Story Coach is to help you tell your story that will stick with your readers for years to come. 


Please make note, we are not a publishing company, and we do not have relationships with publishing companies. Our job is to help you get started, help you tell your story towards book completion.


Working with clients of the past, I have learned that the most challenging thing in birthing a book, was to dedicate time. This isn't easy. I will coach you in working on your schedule to get the job done, but you as the author will have to do the work to make it a success. 

Contact us for questions so that you get your book idea out of your head, and onto book shelves!


BE A THINKER                   AND GET        CREATIVE!

Consultation/ Book Coach - $150/hr



The bulk of our services are in consultation because YOU CAN DO IT by yourself!!! With this service, we will discuss how you're going to go from IDEA to having your book in your hand. Consultation/ Book coaching are important because it can range from "What size book do I need?" to "How do I find an illustrator?" to "How to get my book into schools?" to other questions most first time authors might have. The questions are unlimited with this service.

If you have been thinking about becoming an author for quite some time, but haven't taken that leap, here's your sign! JUMP NOW and email us to schedule your first consultation. 


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